99% Invisible

I came across a new podcast that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying – 99% Invisible, which describes itself as “a tiny radio show about design, architecture & the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world.” I’m working my way through the backlog of episodes, but so far, my favorite episodes have been: Cold War Kids Skyjacking … Continue reading "99% Invisible"

2015Q1 Running Report

It’s time for my 2015Q1 running update! Total distance: 140.9 miles Average overall pace: 12:01 min/mi Longest run: 8.5 miles Fastest run: 5km in 29:19 My goal for 2015 is to go over 400 miles (which is 1.1 miles/day), and so far, I’m 35% of my way to that goal. In January, I mentioned that … Continue reading "2015Q1 Running Report"