Powerball Simulator

The LA Times put out a really fun Powerball Simulator.

The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338. But someone has to win, right? We decided to put that idea to the test.

This game starts with $100 to play against multiple lottery drawings. Pick your numbers and watch the money disappear. Based on the odds, you’re likely to hit numbers that pay out smaller prizes.

So, I played some of my favorite numbers (backwards, because the powerball has to be between 1 and 26). I didn’t do so well, even after throwing $10,100 at the problem:

You’ve played the lottery 5,516 times over about 53 years and spent $11,032, but won $932. You’re in the hole $10,100. So why not throw some more money at that problem?

(Side note: people have actually won playing those numbers)

This site only has you use your “favorite” set of numbers once per drawing – it doesn’t take show you the changes in odds if you were to do 10 quick-picks per lotto drawing, for example.