My first mechanical keyboard

Select Series - Full Size Red Switch Mechanical Keyboard from Monoprice

I picked up my first mechanical keyboard from Monoprice – the Select Series – Full Size Red Switch Mechanical Keyboard on sale for $40.

Mine came with Gateron red switches, which, like the Cherry MX red switches they are copied from, are linear switches. There’s no “bump” for the key to stop before it bottoms out, so as I’m getting used to using this keyboard, I’ve found myself occasionally holding down a key without realizing it.

The really unique thing about this keyboard, though, is the layout – it’s an all-ANSI layout, with the exception of the Enter key! The Enter key is an ISO-enter key, so the | (slash/pipe) key is ANSI-sized, and moved to where I would normally hit the enter key with my pinkie. This has taken a little getting used to.

I created a layout for this keyboard at Keyboard Layout Editor.

The keycaps that come with this keyboard have little ridges at all 4 corners of the keys that I find a little annoying – apparently I drag my fingers across the keys as I type, so I’ve been really aware of the ridges. This video review of the keyboard claims they’re for “targeting” your fingers to the center of the keys:

Overall, the keyboard is pretty great, especially for the price, and I’m pretty happy with it.