Solar-charged 12V battery box

Now that we’re spending more time outdoors, further from civilization and with more equipment needing power, I decided to build a solar-charged 12V battery set up, inspired by a post I saw on Instructables: Ammo Can Solar Power Supply My version is a very similar set up, except I used Anderson PowerPole connectors throughout. This … Continue reading "Solar-charged 12V battery box"

Raspberry Pi Tidbits

When I upgraded my Raspbian image from Jessie to Stretch, my wifi adapter stopped working. I thought perhaps the adapter had died, so I swapped it out, but the problem continued. Thinking the filesystem had been corrupted, I burned a new image on the SD card. Even with the new version, the wifi adapter still … Continue reading "Raspberry Pi Tidbits"

Hiking Mount Cutler

Daxton and I hiked up to the summit of Mount Cutler (7200′) on Mount Culter Trail – overall, an easy 2.2 mile hike. See the hike and photos on GaiaGPS:

AT&T MMS APN Settings

I discovered today that I was not able to receive any MMS messages on my new Microsoft Lumia 950. Both picture messages and group messages were showing up in the Messaging app as “Media content in this message” with a download button. Pressing the download button did nothing, and some internet sluthing led me to … Continue reading "AT&T MMS APN Settings"

My first mechanical keyboard

I picked up my first mechanical keyboard from Monoprice – the Select Series – Full Size Red Switch Mechanical Keyboard on sale for $40. Mine came with Gateron red switches, which, like the Cherry MX red switches they are copied from, are linear switches. There’s no “bump” for the key to stop before it bottoms … Continue reading "My first mechanical keyboard"

Setting up msmtp for FastMail

I recently decided to set up a basic mail sender on my Debian install, and chose msmtp. I use FastMail as my mail host. The first step, of course, is to install msmtp (and ca-certificates, if you don’t already have them): $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install msmtp ca-certificates Once the install is … Continue reading "Setting up msmtp for FastMail"

Powerball Simulator

The LA Times put out a really fun Powerball Simulator. The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338. But someone has to win, right? We decided to put that idea to the test. This game starts with $100 to play against multiple lottery drawings. Pick your numbers and watch the money disappear. … Continue reading "Powerball Simulator"