Today seems like a good day to share the space-related news I’ve saved up, as I sit here watching the Orion launch NASA TV. The first 3D object has been printed in space History was made on November 24th at 9:28pm GMT, when the first 3D printer built to operate in space successfully manufactured its … Continue reading "Space!"

Rocky Mountain National Park

I took a panorama from the Alpine Visitor Center in Rocky Mountain National Park Panorama of Rocky Mountain National Park by Jared Harley.

Waterfalls are out

Ars Technica has an interesting read on Microsoft’s evolving development practices. The article has a perfect description of the development practices at UNC: For example, lots of companies develop in-house applications to automate various business processes. In the course of developing these applications, it’s often discovered that the old process just isn’t that great. Developers … Continue reading "Waterfalls are out"

Survivorship bias

David McRaney wrote an excellent article on Survivorship bias. The crux of the bias is that people tend to make the mistake of only analyzing survivors of a situation or problem, not paying attention to those that did not survive because they’re no longer visible: Survivorship bias pulls you toward bestselling diet gurus, celebrity CEOs, … Continue reading "Survivorship bias"